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Dramatic Combat Finland is the biggest professional group in Finland providing education in the field of dramatic violence and stunt work

on stage or in film.

We hone our craft in collaboration with the Nordic Stage Fight Society, which is an umbrella organization of stage combat in the northern countries, and with many other societies from all over the world.

We have been organizing workshops in dramatic violence and offering our choreographic and performing services in Finland since 2007. 


Please check out our Facebook-page or Instagram account for current activity.

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Our Teachers

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  • NSFS Certified Teacher

  • DCF Founding Member

  • Stunt Coordinator 

  • Fight Director 

  • Actor (MA)

  • Honorary Fight Director of FDC

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  • NSFS Certified Teacher

  • Performing Artist

  • Fight Choreographer

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  • BASSC Certified Teacher

  • DCF Founding Member

  • Fight Director

  • Actor (MA)

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NSFS Certified Fight Performers

Get to know our skilled advanced performers who have successfully completed all nine Nordic Stage Fight Society tests, earning official certification in various disciplines including broadsword, single rapier, unarmed combat, quarterstaff, rapier and dagger, sword and shield, smallsword, knife, and theatrical martial arts. Hire these talented individuals for teaching sessions or performances in your production, and witness their expertise in action!

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Stage Fight Organisations All Over the World

The Nordic Stage Fight Society (NSFS) educates performers and teachers in the art of dramatic combat. We offer workshops, personal training and certification tests.


NSFS is currently made up of the National stage combat organisations from Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, and personal members from around the globe.

The Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD) is an internationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to promoting safety and fostering excellence in the art of stage combat.


SAFD members gain access to a world class networking organization, high calibre stage combat training, and mentorship all designed to maximize their career opportunities.

With over 500 active members across Canada and around the World, FDC is Canada's largest stage combat organization, and is recognized by the Canadian Actors Equity Association and the Association of Canadian Television, Radio and Film Actors as the national standard for stage and screen combat. 

The Society of Australian Fight Directors Incorporated is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to educate and inform the industry on safe professional practise of simulated violence on stage. 


SAFDI strives to provide the Australian Entertainment Industry with the highest quality standards and practices in the art forms of stage combat and fight directing.

The BADC is proud to be the longest established stage combat organisation in the UK. Over the years the BADC has enjoyed international recognition as a provider of excellence in teaching quality, curriculum design and assessment rigour. 


The Academy works hard to raise the standards of dramatic combat safety, performance and teaching within the industry.

The BASSC is a long standing provider of stage & screen combat training for the performing arts industry in the UK. 


Internationally respected for its high standard of technique, curriculum and focus on performance they offer various courses and workshops open to all levels. 

The APC is one of the leading stage combat training and examining bodies in the UK, working with students and acting professionals of all ages.  


It's highly acclaimed training certifications are industry and equity recognised and are taught at drama schools, universities and many other educational institutes. 

The International Order of the Sword and the Pen fosters an international community which shares openly with our fellows in a diverse exploration and exchange of the following: techniques, processes, theories and practices as applied to combat for stage, screen, and the martial arts, both contemporary and historical with open-mindedness, magnanimity and curiosity. 

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Contact Us

Become a member by filling out the form and paying a 20€ membership fee to our account: FI82 6601 0001 0767 36
Reference number for 2024 is 2 02413 

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Dramatic Combat Finland Board 2024


Anastasia Trizna


Vice Chair

Markus Järvenpää


Juuso-Matias Maijanen

Hanna Kalo


Elias Goller

Emil Houlind 
Tiia Kekäläinen

Arvo Ärlig


We are based in Helsinki but available for workshops all over the country and abroad!

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