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Dramatic Combat Finland's Teachers

Meet the talented instructors at our monthly Fight Sundays and other workshops held throughout the year. Join us to enhance your combat skills and experience the excitement of theatrical fighting techniques taught by our experienced teachers.


Iiro Heikkilä

NSFS Certified Teacher

Performing Artist
Fight Choreographer


Kristo Salminen

BASSC Certified Teacher

DCF Founding Member
Fight Director
Actor (MA)


Oula Kitti

NSFS Certified Teacher

DCF Founding Member
Stunt Coordinator
Fight Director
Actor (MA)
Honorary Fight Director of FDC

NSFS Certified Fight Performers

Get to know our skilled advanced performers who have successfully completed all nine Nordic Stage Fight Society tests, earning official certification in various disciplines including broadsword, single rapier, unarmed combat, quarterstaff, rapier and dagger, sword and shield, smallsword, knife, and theatrical martial arts. Hire these talented individuals for teaching sessions or performances in your production, and witness their expertise in action!

Dramatic Combat Finland

DCF Board


Anastasia Trizna


Vice Chair

Markus Järvenpää


Elias Goller

Hanna Kalo

Mikko Köngäs

Juuso-Matias Maijanen

Neil Owens

Arvo Ärlig


We are based in Helsinki but available for workshops all over the country and abroad!

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