DCF will follow the safety guidelines for the events set in the city of Helsinki to hold the training. Most basic training tools and techniques for realistic stage combat must be done at close contact. Our training spaces are mostly indoor spaces and ventilation is as good as it gets. We try to make choreographic choices that avoid unnecessary close contact, but during most workshops it is not altogether possible.


  • There will be a maximum number of 20 people in all of our workshops (18 spots) set in Helsinki, or the participants will be divided into groups of 20 or less for any larger workshops.

  • Register to any workshop through our website by RSVPing at the event page (dramaticcombat.fi). We will save your contact details during the registration and might share them with Finnish health care officials if they are needed for tracing purposes.

  • Please wash your hands every time after entering the venue. There will also be a disinfectant provided in the space for the use during the class

  • Please use your gloves and have a spare pair with you. If working with weapons please stick to one weapon and avoid unnecessary exchange.

  • We recommend use of facial mask when training but understand that some people might not be able to - After any weapon work you are invited to disinfect the weapons you use before setting them aside (https://roguesteel.com/pages/sanitizing-guidelines)

  • We recommend the use of Koronavilkku application (https://koronavilkku.fi/) during the two weeks around any event

  • Please let us know if you get any symptoms during the first two weeks after the workshop ‼️ Do not take part in the workshop if you have any flu symptoms, and please let us know if you have taken part in our training, and get symptoms afterwards so that we can let the other participants know that they might.


See current guidelines in Helsinki region (in Finnish)