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Please note: this policy may evolve as local and state guidelines change. 


DCF  follows  the  safety  guidelines  set  in  the  city  of  Helsinki. Most  training  are  indoors  and ventilation  is  as  good  as  it  gets.  We  try  to  make  choreographic choices  that  avoid  unnecessary  close  contact,  but  it  is  not altogether possible.


We hope that you are mindful of COVID-19 safety also during your time  off.  Please  avoid  exposure  and  stay  safe.  


We recommend the use of Koronavilkku application during the two weeks around any of our events. If you get a notification about an exposure please let us know immediately.


  • Are you well? 
    If you feel ill or have a temperature over 37,5 please stay home.


  • Clean Hands and Weapon Disinfection
    Wash your hands frequently. Hand sanitising stations can be found around the theatre and in the rehearsal studio. 

    Please use gloves when working with weapons. We will ask you to stick to one weapon and avoid unnecessary exchange. After every practice we will ask you to disinfect the weapons you have used (we will provide the disinfectant). 


  • Capacity and distancing
    Be aware that capacity of the workshops is limited. We are asking all workshop attends to respect each other’s space and keep the safe distance always when possible to limit the risk.


  • Masks for in-person training
    We ask all participants who are attending a workshop to bring their own face-masks. Anyone over the age of 18 will be required to wear a mask in any indoor shared spaces, including theatre hallways, and bathrooms. 


  • Vaccination status
    We will ask you about your vaccination status in the RSVP form. This information will not be shared with other participants unless you decide so but it will help us greatly in preparing for the workshops and planning the precautions to take into consideration while training. It is not mandatory to disclose your vaccination status but we will then ask you to provide a fresh negative Corona test result. Safety is always our priority and at the moment it is strongly effected by the pandemic.  


  • Test
    Many of our participants go to test on weekly basis due to requirements at work. If you have  a fresh negative test, please let us know. We also encourage to take a rapid Corona-test prior to the workshop. Especially if in your daily life you can't avoid contact with other people and your work environment is changing frequently. If you feel uncomfortable in disclosing your vaccination status, please take a PCR test prior to the workshop.

  • Registering during Covid
    During the Covid 19 pandemic we have had to change the way we take bookings. If you would like to book onto one of our workshops please register on our website by RSVPing to the event. For some of the bigger workshops we will be charging you an initial deposit to secure your space. We will then be contacting you few days before the course to take final payment. 

    When you register to the course you will receive a confirmation email. You can cancel your spot and get a full refund in case you develop any Covid symptoms. Please be in touch with us as soon as possible. If the whole course gets cancelled because of teacher's exposure or sickness, you will be also refunded in full.

    The deposit taken will be non-transferrable and non-refundable deposit unless you give us a notice before the workshop. In which case we will look to transfer you booking to another available workshop.


  • Follow up
    Please  let  us  know  if  you  get  any  symptoms  during  the workshop  or  two  weeks  after!  We  have  saved  your  contact details  during  the  registration  and  will  share  them  with Finnish  health  care  officials  if  they  are  needed  for  tracing purposes.


See current guidelines in Helsinki region (in Finnish)

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