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to 28. maalisk.


Fageräng stables

LAST WARRIORS: Easter Intensive 2024

A very special Easter Intensive in collaboration with Elrohir Oy and Fageräng! Join to learn about film fighting, mounted combat and archery, stunts, and working with horses on set. Early bird discount until 11.3.2024!

Registration is closed
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LAST WARRIORS: Easter Intensive 2024
LAST WARRIORS: Easter Intensive 2024

Time & Location

28. maalisk. 2024 klo 16.00 – 01. huhtik. 2024 klo 21.00

Fageräng stables, Fageräng, 02780 Esbo, Finland

About the Event

We will immerse ourselves into a post-apocalyptic world where resources such as water and food are scarce, horses are the only means of transportation, and tensions are forcing humans to fight in the ongoing struggle to survive.

This is a four days workshop designed in a joint effort by equestrian, stunt, Hema and stage fight professionals of Finland. Choose your training group based on your experience, goals, and interests, and immerse yourself in this experience unlike any other:

  1. Trooper Fighters. Join the dynamic Trooper Fighters group for an action-packed journey into the world of stunts and film fighting! Delve into a variety of fighting techniques including mixed weapon combat, unarmed fighting, take downs, and thrilling stunt work. Horse enthusiasts are welcome, but fear not as no contact with horses is necessary unless you're up for the challenge! Unleash your inner warrior and hone your skills with Trooper Fighters. Spots still open!
  2. Mounted Fighters. Join this group for those with little to no experience in horseback riding who are interested in blending it with a thrilling world of stunts and film fighting. Engage in exhilarating training, and intricate choreographed fighting sequences using a range of weapons, all while mastering horse handling and mounted combat techniques. Don't miss out on this action-packed opportunity! Please note the weight limitation of 95 kg. Fully booked. 
  3. Fighting Riders. This is a group for more experienced riders. You will delve into the world of mounted combat and archery, horse stunt techniques, fight choreography and of course horseback riding. Please note the weight limitation of 80 kg. Fully booked. 

All participants will be educated in things to consider when working with horses, will receive technique and choreography training, as well as basic training related to mounted archery, combat and horse stunts.

🐴 The horses we work with are icelandic horses trained for horseback archery and the use of spear and sword on horseback. They are used to different levels of riders and have experience of being trustworthy companions in photo / film shoots. Safety and wellbeing of the horses and riders is our top priority and in the workshop we train ways to keep the athmosphere calm and safe for the horses even when we are simulating fighting on and around them.


Indoor Studio 28.3.: Aleksanterin teatteri (Bulevardi 23-27, Helsinki) 

Indoor Studio 29.3.-1.4.: Espoon sirkus- ja teatterikoulu Esko (Auroranmäki 1, 02940 Espoo)

Outdoors 29.3.-1.4.: Fageräng stables (Fageräng, 02780 Espoo)


Thursday 28.3. / Aleksanterin teatteri 

17 - 21:00 / Indoor Studio: Theory and introduction 

Friday 29.3. Esko/Fageräng

9:30 - 11:30 / Indoor Studio: Fight training

13:00 - 15:00 / Outdoors: Archery

16:00 - 19:00 / Outdoors: Interaction between horses, riders and troopers

Saturday 30.3. Esko/Fageräng

9:30 - 11:30 / Indoor Studio: Stunt work

12:30 - 15:30 / Indoor Studio: Mounted combat intro / Polearms and dismounting techniques

15:30 - 19:30 / Outdoors: Horseback archery and combat 

Sunday 31.3. Esko/Fageräng

9:30 - 11:30 / Indoor Studio: Fight choreography training / multiple opponents

12:30 - 14:30 / Indoor Studio: Falling from horses, dismounting and mounting techniques

15:00 - 19:00 / Outdoors: fight choreography and stunts with horses

Monday 1.4. Esko/Fageräng

9 - 11:00 / Indoor Studio: Fight choreography training

13 - 15:00 / Outdoors: fight choreography and stunts with and without horses

16:00 - 19:00 / Outdoors: fight choreography and stunts with horses

Prices* if you register and pay until 11.3.2024:

  • Group 1: members** 280€  / 310€ non members
  • Group 2: members 340€  / 370€ non members
  • Group 3: members 390€  / 420€ non members 

Prices if you register and pay between 12.3. and 26.3.2024:

  • Group 1: members 330€  / 360€ non members
  • Group 2: members 390€  / 420€ non members
  • Group 3: members 440€  / 470€ non members   

*Prices include rent of weapons, protection gear, horseback riding sessions for groups 2 and 3. 

**Members of Actors Union of Finland and The International Federation of Actors are also eligible for member discount.

Pay to FI82 6601 0001 0767 36 / Dramatic Combat Finland ry. Reference number: 2 02468


  • Iiro Heikkilä NSFS/DCF
  • Oula Kitti NSFS/DCF
  • Miro Lahtela Elrohir/EHMS
  • Anna Minkkinen Elrohir

What training to expect: horsemanship, riding, mounted archery and combat, screen combat techniques, choreography training. 

This workshop is a research and at the moment is one of its kind in Finland. It will have a continuation in a form of a short action film shoot. Filming will take place separately and will last for two days with Esa Jussila as director of photography and editor. Dates and conditions will be announced separately but all Easter Intensive participants will have a discount and a priority on the list to sign up! For the time being we are looking into a weekend in May between 9th and 12th. These dates are open and are subject to change. 


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