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Oula Kitti

NSFS Certified Teacher

Oula Kitti is Finnish Actor, Stunt, Fight Director, and NSFS Stage Combat Instructor with a wide history in physical theatre. He graduated as a Master of Arts in acting from Tampere University at 2004 and has since worked both as an actor and fight director in theaters all around Finland. He has taught stage combat and directed fights on stage since 2003. As a NSFS instructor, he graduated from the NSFS mentor program at 2011 with Peppe Östensson as his mentor. As a stunt performer and fight coordinator he works for the main Finnish stunt company Stunt and FX Artists Finland.

Oula is a founding member of Finnish Stage Combat Society and an Honorary Fight Director at the Fight directors Canada . He was also a member of NSFS´s Research and Education board for years and NSFS representative at the Worlds comitee. Currently Oula works as an freelance stunt performer and fight director and as a resident stage combat instructor for the Helsinki Theater Academy.

Recent professional fight credits:

Theatrical: Lord of the Rings, Asst. Director/Movement and Fight Director; Shakespeare in Love, Fight Director; The Heart of the Robin Hood, Fight Director/Guy Gisbourne; Three musketeers, Fight Director; Ouch!, Director; Tarzan The Musical, Fight Director/Choreographer; Jesus Christ Superstar, Fight Director/Stunt Consultant.

Film/TV: The Unknown Soldier, Fight Coordinator/Stunt; Karppi, Fight Coordinator (credited as cast trainer); Dionysos

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